Dr. Ted KungNeurology | May 29, 2024
Dr. Ted Kung discusses the RESTORE Neuromuscular Interface System for patients with upper limb loss.
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Alister CampbellAI | April 25, 2024
Alister Campbell, of Dotmatics, details how artificial intelligence is changing the drug discovery process.
Chadi Nabhan, MD, MBAHealthcare Unfiltered | April 23, 2024
Dr. Chadi Nabhan delves into the realm of AI and its impact on drug development with Dr. Adam Petrich.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 9, 2024
A machine learning-powered analysis of Google Street View shows how environment impacts risk of major adverse cardiac events.
Stacy StephensAI | March 28, 2024
Stacy Stephens explains how autonomous security robots are boosting surveillance and communication in hospitals.
Rob DillardAI | February 29, 2024
A novel drug called FB1006, fully discovered and developed using AI, may effectively treat ALS.
Leah LawrenceAI | February 26, 2024
Within the lung cancer realm, different types of AI are being applied to advance the understanding of the disease.
Rob DillardISC 2024 | February 9, 2024
Ischemic stroke survivors who received care recommendations from an AI-based system had fewer secondary strokes.
Rob DillardICNN 2024 | January 30, 2024
Nursing care is an area where human-robot collaboration will become increasingly important.
Mary GreccoESMO 2023: Focus on Lung Cancer | January 30, 2024
A study used a preoperative machine learning model to predict lung cancer recurrence.
Rob DillardSkin Cancer | January 18, 2024
DermaSensor announced this week that the US FDA cleared its AI-based handheld device for detecting skin cancer.
Rob DillardAI | January 16, 2024
Artificial intelligence can potentially detect rheumatic heart disease with the same level of accuracy as a cardiologist.
Dr. James MinAHA 2023 | November 16, 2023
James K. Min, MD, founder and CEO of Cleerly, talks about improved screening for heart disease using a digital care platform.
Rob DillardAHA 2023 | November 6, 2023
AI and deep learning models may be able to predict the risk of CVD events and valvular heart disease.
Patrick DalyAI | October 18, 2023
Kaushik Gune, head of US Healthcare Business for Huma, discussed the company's recent partnership with Google Cloud.
Rob DillardLung Cancer | October 6, 2023
A machine learning model that uses 3 variables can predict lung cancer risk and the need for screening.
Dr. Ross CampbellHeart Failure | September 14, 2023
Dr. Ross Campbell discusses the OPERA-AI study results and how AI can be used to diagnose heart failure.
Kaushik GuneAI | July 19, 2023
Kaushik Gune, Head of US Business for Huma, spoke with DocWire about Huma.AI, Huma's generative AI platform for healthcare.
Cailin ConnerAI | May 11, 2023
A recent study investigated the factors underlying individual differences in cybersickness susceptibility.
Rob DillardAI | May 11, 2023
DocWire News spoke with Sean Cassidy, founding CEO of Lucem Health.
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