Skin Cancer
Skin Cancer
Rob DillardASCO 2024 | June 4, 2024
One year of immunotherapy is optimal for treating patients with advanced melanoma.
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Rob DillardASCO 2024 | May 30, 2024
Medicaid expansion and improved access to health care services facilitate diagnosing melanoma at an early stage.
Rob DillardSkin Cancer | May 22, 2024
Risk factors beyond sun exposure, including gene mutations, can influence a person's chances of developing melanoma.
Rob DillardSkin Cancer | May 9, 2024
A new survey showed that too many young people believe myths and misinformation related to skin cancer prevention.
Rob DillardSkin Cancer | January 18, 2024
DermaSensor announced this week that the US FDA cleared its AI-based handheld device for detecting skin cancer.
Oncology BrothersOncology Brothers | October 19, 2023
Dr. Patel joins The Oncology Brothers to discuss in-depth how to treat cutaneous melanoma using a treatment algorithm.
Rob DillardSkin Cancer | October 16, 2023
Nonmelanoma skin cancer is responsible for more deaths worldwide than melanoma, the more serious form of skin cancer.
Rob DillardADA 2023 | June 28, 2023
DPP-4 inhibitors, used to control blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes, may reduce the risk of melanoma.
Patrick DalySkin Cancer | June 22, 2023
Researchers found tebentafusp plus immune checkpoint inhibitors was a safe combination in patients with skin cancer.
Rob DillardASCO 2023 | May 25, 2023
People with a history of skin cancer lack sufficient knowledge on photoprotection, study finds.
Patrick DalySkin Cancer | April 12, 2023
Researchers evaluated whether a wearable device that measured ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure could improve sun ...
Cailin ConnerSkin Cancer | November 3, 2022
Melanoma is the deadliest of skin cancers. It develops in cells that produce melanin (the pigment that gives skin its ...
Patrick DalySkin Cancer | September 12, 2023
In a recent article, published in the Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology, researchers examined the protein ...
Patrick DalySkin Cancer | April 12, 2023
According to Shumin Yuan and colleagues from the Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Zhengzhou University and Henan Cancer ...
Rebecca AraujoSkin Cancer | April 12, 2023
Indoor tanning has been found to increase the risk of skin cancer. A study from researchers at the University of ...
Rob DillardSkin Cancer | April 12, 2023
Patients at high risk of melanoma who undergo routine skin cancer screening and education are more likely to be ...
Kaitlyn D’OnofrioSkin Cancer | April 12, 2023
A study evaluated the feasibility and success of a structured surveillance program at skin clinics to help achieve ...
Rob DillardSkin Cancer | April 12, 2023
A recent study found that consuming grapes may protect against ultraviolet (UV) skin damage, which is linked to skin ...
Kaitlyn D’OnofrioSkin Cancer | April 12, 2023
Unlike their class schedule, college students’ risk for skin cancer doesn’t take a holiday during the winter ...
Rebecca AraujoSkin Cancer | September 11, 2023
Two studies have directly linked mechanisms of aging to melanoma spread and treatment resistance. ...
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