Heart Failure
Heart Failure
Rob DillardHeart Failure | July 15, 2024
Monitoring heart rate and physical activity using a wearable device has clinical value.
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Rob DillardPreventive Cardiology | July 8, 2024
Researchers developed an at-home questionnaire test that quickly identifies people at high risk of heart attack.
Gary Garcia-MolinaSLEEP 2024 | June 5, 2024
Gary Garcia-Molina details the connection between obstructive sleep apnea and CVD and explains how smart beds can help.
Rob DillardHeart Failure | May 21, 2024
Heart failure patients who are vaccinated against COVID-19 have a considerably greater likelihood of living longer.
Rob DillardHeart Failure | May 13, 2024
Patients with heart failure who practiced yoga demonstrated notably greater improvements in heart structure and function.
Rob DillardStroke | May 7, 2024
Children with high blood pressure are more likely to develop serious heart conditions, including stroke and heart attack.
Rob DillardHeart Failure | April 18, 2024
According to a study, more patients with AFib are likely to experience heart failure rather than stroke or heart attack.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 8, 2024
People with heart disease could benefit from a low-sodium diet but, on average, consume twice the recommended amount of salt.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 4, 2024
Young adults taking stimulant medications for ADHD may have an increased risk of developing cardiomyopathy.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 4, 2024
People who use e-cigarettes are significantly more likely to develop heart failure than nonusers.
CardioNerdsHeart Failure Guidelines | March 13, 2024
The CardioNerds and expert faculty Dr. Harriette Van Spall discuss palliative care's role in patients with heart failure.
Rob DillardHeart Failure | February 27, 2024
Promoting regular physical activity and discouraging a sedentary lifestyle may prevent heart failure in older women.
CardioNerdsHeart Failure Guidelines | February 14, 2024
The CardioNerds and expert faculty Dr. Javed Butler discuss the best next step for a patient with cardiogenic shock.
Rob DillardHeart Failure | February 13, 2024
Getting moderate exposure to outdoor light may serve as a viable strategy for preventing heart failure.
Rob DillardHeart Failure | February 12, 2024
Many cardio-oncology patients at increased risk for congestive heart failure from cancer therapy have OSA.
Rob DillardHeart Failure | February 5, 2024
This risk calculator can be used as a personalized assessment tool for the prevention of heart failure-associated mortality.
Rob DillardHeart Failure | January 11, 2024
City of Hope and COG conducted a clinical trial with the goal of reducing HF risk in childhood cancer survivors.
Rob DillardHeart Failure | January 8, 2024
Participation in the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Model 2 Heart Failure program did not improve outcomes.
Rob DillardHeart Failure | January 3, 2024
For patients with acute heart failure, receiving GDMT 2 weeks following hospital discharge is safe and effective.
Rob DillardHeart Failure | December 18, 2023
An intensive telemonitoring strategy based on automated text messaging may benefit patients recently hospitalized due to HF.
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