Rebecca AraujoHypertension | November 30, 2023
The use of ADHD medications may be linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
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Rebecca AraujoDementia | November 15, 2023
Treatment with brexpiprazole led to a significant improvement in agitation for patients with dementia due to AD.
Rebecca AraujoMental Health | November 10, 2023
A study evaluated the efficacy of psychotherapies for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder in adults.
Rebecca AraujoADHD | November 6, 2023
Younger children with ADHD aren't more likely to have their diagnosis disconfirmed over time than children diagnosed older.
Rob DillardAtrial Fibrillation | October 31, 2023
Patients with ischemic stroke attributed to LAD or SVD face a greater risk of AF over time.
Rebecca AraujoDepression | October 27, 2023
Barriers persist in the implementation of universal routine screening for major depressive disorder in adolescents.
Cailin ConnerDiabetes | October 26, 2023
Patients with type 1 diabetes who exhibit the presence of albuminuria have an escalated pace of brain atrophy.
Rebecca AraujoEpilepsy | October 20, 2023
A novel potassium channel opener was well-tolerated and reduced seizures in patients with focal-onset seizures.
Rob DillardDepression | October 10, 2023
A new study linked depression with cardiovascular disease-related and all-cause mortality.
Patrick DalyADHD | October 3, 2023
A meta-analysis found that 4 nonstimulant treatments for ADHD showed better efficacy but worse tolerability versus placebo.
Duke Han, PhDDementia | September 20, 2023
Duke Han, PhD, and Laura Fenton, a doctoral student, describe a study that shows the impact of cognitive impairment.
Dr. Fahar MerchantOncology | September 18, 2023
Dr. Fahar Merchant, president and CEO of Medicenna, talks about a promising therapy for combating recurrent glioblastoma.
Rob DillardDementia | September 13, 2023
Findings from a recent study suggest that racial disparities exist in the presentation of frontotemporal dementia.
Kimberly BrownellNeurology | August 31, 2023
Kimberly Brownell, CCC-SLP, talks about the importance of speech and language pathologists.
Patrick DalyADHD | August 23, 2023
Symptom burden, gender, and social functioning were factors that increased suicidal spectrum behaviors in patients with ADHD.
Rob DillardDementia | August 15, 2023
Individuals who are exposed to higher levels of air pollution over a long-term duration have a greater risk of dementia.
Rob DillardDementia | August 14, 2023
Playing American football is linked with a higher risk of developing Parkinson disease.
Patrick DalySleep Disorders | August 23, 2023
Excessive daytime sleepiness was linked to a higher risk of premature all-cause death in female patients with OSA.
Patrick DalySleep Disorders | August 23, 2023
Survey data showed patients with idiopathic hypersomnia self-reported substantially impaired QoL and daily functioning.
Patrick DalySleep Disorders | August 23, 2023
Researchers developed a faster calculation for hypoxic burden using desaturations that was comparable with manual scoring.
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