Preventive Cardiology
Preventive Cardiology
Dr. Bob WalkerHypertension | February 29, 2024
Dr. Bob Walker discusses high blood pressure in the context of severe COVID-19 infection.
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Cynthia Miller, MDLipid Management | February 21, 2024
Cynthia Miller, MD, MPH, FACP, discusses why early Lp(a) screening may help prevent cardiovascular disease.
Rob DillardPreventive Cardiology | February 20, 2024
Women may garner the health benefits of regular exercise more than men.
Rob DillardDiabetes | January 5, 2024
Semaglutide, used to treat diabetes and obesity, does not increase the risk of suicidal ideation, despite previous reports.
Dr. Eugenia AllevaAHA 2023 | November 30, 2023
Dr. Eugenia Alleva discusses a study that found women with dysmenorrhea have increased cardiovascular risk.
Dr. Benjamin HorneAHA 2023 | November 27, 2023
Dr. Benjamin Horne discusses a study that showed increases in PM2.5 during the summer and winter impact heart health.
Dr. Ijeoma EleazuAHA 2023 | November 21, 2023
Dr. Ijeoma Eleazu talks about the harmful impact of cumulative stress on cardiovascular health.
Dr. Ahmed GhoneemCardioNerds | November 20, 2023
CardioNerds correspondent Dr. Ahmed Ghoneem details the positive effects of semaglutide, as demonstrated in the SELECT trial.
Karthik Gonuguntla, MDAHA 2023 | November 13, 2023
Dr. Karthik Gonuguntla discusses the study he led on cardiovascular health disparities in American Indian adults.
Rob DillardAHA 2023 | November 11, 2023
Semaglutide reduced major CVD risk by 20% in adults with overweight or obesity, but not diabetes.
Rob DillardAHA 2023 | November 10, 2023
Elevated lipoprotein(a) increases the risk of major adverse cardiovascular events independent of ASCVD risk scores.
Rob DillardHeart Failure | October 30, 2023
Cardiovascular deaths from extreme heat may more than double by the middle of the current century.
Dr. Nathaniel HawkinsPulmonology | October 25, 2023
Dr. Nathaniel Hawkins discusses the EXACOS-CV study, which uncovered an increased CV risk following COPD exacerbations.
Rob DillardPreventive Cardiology | October 5, 2023
A fast-acting medication delivered as a nasal spray allows patients with intermittent rapid heartbeats to treat themselves.
CardioNerdsCardioNerds | September 22, 2023
The CardioNerds correspondents Drs. Amo-Tweneboah and Nedadur preview the CLE Care of Aortic Disease Symposium.
Dr. Alaa DiabPreventive Cardiology | September 14, 2023
A research team highlighted three important debates on women’s cardiometabolic health.
Shivani Hanchate, MDCardioNerds | September 5, 2023
Dr. Tammy Polonsky discussed studies that have found a novel way to utilize an incidental finding seen on mammograms.
Rob DillardESC Congress 2023 | August 29, 2023
Feeling safe from crime is linked to a lower risk of premature death and heart attack.
Rob DillardESC Congress 2023 | September 18, 2023
Middle-aged adults with metabolic syndrome have heart attacks and strokes 2 years earlier than their peers.
Rob DillardESC Congress 2023 | September 15, 2023
A study showed that physical fitness is associated with a lower likelihood of AFib and stroke.
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