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CardioNerdsHeart Failure Guidelines | February 14, 2024
The CardioNerds and expert faculty Dr. Javed Butler discuss the best next step for a patient with cardiogenic shock.
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Amit Goyal, MDInterventional Cardiology | January 4, 2024
Intravascular imaging to guide PCI improves hard clinical end points.
Amit Goyal, MDCardioNerds | January 11, 2024
A meta-analysis found that peri-device leak on transesophageal echocardiography is both common and dangerous.
Amit Goyal, MDCardioNerds | December 21, 2023
Ticagrelor monotherapy after dual-antiplatelet therapy following PCI with DES yields superior outcomes.
Dr. Cali ClarkInterventional Cardiology | November 28, 2023
Dr. Clark details the MINT trial, which addressed the accurate transfusion threshold in patients with acute MI and anemia.
Dr. Nazli OkumusInterventional Cardiology | November 28, 2023
Dr. Okumus details the ORBITA-2 trial, which marked a significant advancement in understanding and treating stable angina.
Dr. Ahmed GhoneemCardioNerds | November 20, 2023
CardioNerds correspondent Dr. Ahmed Ghoneem details the positive effects of semaglutide, as demonstrated in the SELECT trial.
Dr. Christian InchausteguiCardioNerds | November 20, 2023
CardioNerds correspondent Dr. Christian Inchaustegui details the findings of ARIES-HM3, presented at AHA 2023.
Amit Goyal, MDCardioNerds | November 2, 2023
In low-risk patients with symptomatic AS, TAVR is safe, effective, and durable up to 5 years.
CardioNerdsHeart Failure Guidelines | November 16, 2023
The CardioNerds and expert faculty Dr. Shashank Sinha discuss the logical next step for a middle-aged woman with HF.
CardioNerdsHeart Failure Guidelines | November 16, 2023
The CardioNerds are joined by Dr. Michelle Kittleson to discuss the appropriate next step for managing a patient with HF.
Amit Goyal, MDHeart Failure | October 12, 2023
Advanced heart failure and sudden cardiac death account for an important portion of all deaths after TAVR.
CardioNerdsHeart Failure Guidelines | November 16, 2023
Expert faculty Dr. Randall Starling joins The CardioNerds to discuss the use of diuretics in heart failure management.
Amit Goyal, MDInterventional Cardiology | September 28, 2023
An analysis from the ISCHEMIA trial indicated that complete revascularization in the invasive arm may have greater benefit.
Dr. Breanna HansenCardioNerds | September 27, 2023
The Women’s Cardiometabolic Health and Wellness Masterclass focused on cardiometabolic sex-based differences.
CardioNerdsHeart Failure Guidelines | December 11, 2023
The CardioNerds and Dr. Fonarow discuss how to adjust the HF medication regimen for a patient with chronic kidney disease.
CardioNerdsCardioNerds | September 22, 2023
The CardioNerds correspondents Drs. Amo-Tweneboah and Nedadur preview the CLE Care of Aortic Disease Symposium.
Dr. Alaa DiabPreventive Cardiology | September 14, 2023
A research team highlighted three important debates on women’s cardiometabolic health.
CardioNerdsHeart Failure Guidelines | November 16, 2023
The CardioNerds are joined by expert faculty Dr. Randall Starling to analyze an important heart failure-related question.
Shivani Hanchate, MDCardioNerds | September 5, 2023
Dr. Tammy Polonsky discussed studies that have found a novel way to utilize an incidental finding seen on mammograms.
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