Andrew MorenoThalassemia | June 20, 2024
An ongoing phase IIA study reports safety and dosing data for patients with transfusion-dependent disease.
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Andrew MorenoThalassemia | June 7, 2024
Myeloablation followed by exa-cel infusion brought transfusion independence to β-thalassemia patients in a phase III trial.
Patrick DalySickle Cell Disease | April 23, 2024
Dr. Vadivelan shared her study on pituitary and pancreatic iron deposition in patients with SCD at the 2024 ASPHO Conference.
Melissa BadamoSickle Cell Disease | February 22, 2024
Exa-cel eliminated RBC transfusions in patients with transfusion-dependent β-thalassemia.
Patrick DalySickle Cell Disease | February 20, 2024
The European Commission has approved the Conditional Marketing Authorization for exagamglogene autotemcel.
Patrick DalyThalassemia | February 8, 2024
Direct-acting antiviral therapy was safe and effective in pediatric patients with thalassemia who contracted hepatitis C.
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