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Charlotte RobinsonHyperkalemia | July 18, 2024
Researchers studied the efficacy of a community pharmacist-led nutritional intervention for outpatients with CKD.
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Charlotte RobinsonNephrology Times | July 18, 2024
A survey found health care professionals lack knowledge about the relationship between climate change and kidney health.
Charlotte RobinsonKidney Transplantation | July 17, 2024
OPTN will remove race and hepatitis C status from the KDPI, the formula that estimates donor kidney quality.
Charlotte RobinsonChronic Kidney Disease | July 17, 2024
The Kidney Foundation of Canada is seeking feedback through a survey to inform development of a national CKD framework.
Alexis Davis, MDNephrology Times | July 17, 2024
The co-directors of Stanford's NephroNICU Program spoke about their unique program.
Charlotte RobinsonNephrology Times | July 16, 2024
The FDA granted Fast Track designation to ADI-270 for treating metastatic or advanced clear cell renal cell carcinoma.
Jessica Strawn, MA, RD, LDEnd-Stage Renal Disease | July 16, 2024
Dietitian Jessica Strawn shared her ideas on how to educate patients about changing from heart catheters to AVF for dialysis.
Charlotte RobinsonAnemia and Kidney Disease | July 15, 2024
Akebia Therapeutics has ended its license agreement with CSL Vifor for Vafseo and announced WAC pricing for the anemia drug.
Charlotte RobinsonHyperkalemia | July 15, 2024
Could SZC use allow for quick and safe initiation and titration of MRAs and long-term optimal dosing for patients with HRrEF?
Charlotte RobinsonEnd-Stage Renal Disease | July 12, 2024
Researchers studied a large pediatric patient cohort on hemodialysis to learn more about cardiovascular risk factors.
Charlotte RobinsonKidney Transplantation | July 11, 2024
A study examined whether donors have a higher risk of hypertension than nondonors in the first 7 years after kidney donation.
Mohamed G. Atta, MD, MPHNephrology Times | July 10, 2024
Members of the Nephrology Times editorial board shared the nephrology research and news they’ve found most notable this ...
Charlotte RobinsonHyperkalemia | July 10, 2024
Authors described the case of a patient with BRASH syndrome-induced atrial fibrillation with a slow ventricular response.
Charlotte RobinsonHyperkalemia | July 9, 2024
What influence does hyperkalemia have on disease severity and mortality risk among patients admitted to the emergency room?
Charlotte RobinsonHyperkalemia | July 8, 2024
Researchers studied how race, ethnicity, and other demographic factors relate to the risk of recurrent hyperkalemia.
Charlotte RobinsonNephrology Times | July 5, 2024
SGLT2i are associated with a significant reduction of proteinuria, especially for patients with higher BMI.
Charlotte RobinsonEnd-Stage Renal Disease | July 3, 2024
A large analysis examined variations in incident automated peritoneal dialysis prescriptions.
Charlotte RobinsonADPKD | July 2, 2024
A team evaluated the Mayo imaging classification system's ability to predict kidney outcomes in an ADPKD cohort.
Charlotte RobinsonEnd-Stage Renal Disease | July 2, 2024
A rule proposed by CMS would update payment rates and policies under the End-Stage Renal Disease Prospective Payment Program.
Xiaoxi (Sofie) Wei, PhDKidney Transplantation | July 1, 2024
Xiaoxi Wei of X-Therma spoke about her company's preservation platform and how it can change organ transplantation.
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