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Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | September 20, 2023
Those ≥65 years of age with graft failure had a lower chance of being listed for repeat kidney transplantation.
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Victoria SochaADPKD | September 19, 2023
First, an automated kidney volume segmentation model is used to accurately calculate htTKV.
Victoria SochaDiabetes and Hypertension | September 18, 2023
The prevalence of CKD and cost of screening were the most influential parameters.
Victoria SochaDiabetes and Hypertension | September 18, 2023
A report on outcomes of kidney transplant recipients treated with SGLT2 inhibitors.
Victoria SochaAnemia and Kidney Disease | September 12, 2023
There were no differences seen in adverse events and serious adverse events among trial participants.
Victoria SochaADPKD | September 11, 2023
A literature review of possible nonpharmacological therapeutic strategies to slow enlargement of cysts in ADPKD.
Victoria SochaDiabetes and Hypertension | September 11, 2023
The predictive power of ESRD progression was high with choline, myo-inositol, and citrate.
Victoria SochaAcute Kidney Injury | September 11, 2023
The difference in risk between White and Black patients was driven by greater MI risk in Black versus White patients.
Victoria SochaAnemia and Kidney Disease | September 11, 2023
There were no statistically significant differences between the two groups in eGFR and proteinuria slopes.
Victoria SochaDiabetes and Hypertension | September 7, 2023
The odds of being prescribed newer second-line diabetes medications decreased with increasing age.
Victoria SochaHyperkalemia | September 7, 2023
Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) who develop hyperkalemia are at risk for serious adverse outcomes.
Victoria SochaAnemia and Kidney Disease | September 6, 2023
There was a strong association between lower eGFR and increased prevalence of anemia across all categories of hemoglobin.
Victoria SochaAcute Kidney Injury | September 5, 2023
Perioperative administration of acetaminophen and reduced AKI after cardiac surgery.
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | August 31, 2023
The most common primary renal disease in patients initiating renal replacement therapy is diabetes.
Victoria SochaHyperkalemia | August 29, 2023
Participants were randomized to placebo or SZC 5 grams once daily on nondialysis days.
Victoria SochaChronic Kidney Disease | August 29, 2023
As of December 16, 2021, just 52.5% of 12- to 17-year-olds and 11.3% of 5- to 11-year-olds had been fully vaccinated.
Victoria SochaDiabetes and Hypertension | August 28, 2023
Several classes of glucose-lowering drugs have been shown to have kidney benefits in patients with type 2 diabetes.
Victoria SochaCOVID-19 and Kidney Disease | August 24, 2023
The association between collapsing glomerulopathy and COVID-19 has led to a proposed term, COVID-19-associated nephropathy.
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | August 24, 2023
There may be an association between long-term prescription opioid use and an increased risk of death and graft loss.
Victoria SochaGout | August 22, 2023
The presence of hyperechoic crystal deposition was associated with hyperuricemia as well as with ischemic nephropathy.