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Lisa BarrHIV | June 18, 2024
Lisa Barr discusses what's being done to bring us closer to an HIV-free future.
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Rob DillardDementia | June 18, 2024
People who inherit a history of Alzheimer disease from their mother's side have a higher risk of developing AD.
Rob DillardHead and Neck Cancer | June 18, 2024
Primary care providers are highly involved in opioid prescribing for HNC survivors.
Rob DillardHypertension | June 17, 2024
The number of individuals suffering from chronic hypertension during pregnancy doubled between 2008 and 2021.
Dr. Eric VachonBreast Cancer | June 11, 2024
A study examined the impact of relationship satisfaction and agreement between breast cancer survivors and their partners.
Rob DillardStroke | June 11, 2024
Women who are overweight or obese between the ages of 14 and 31 are more likely to suffer ischemic stroke before age 55.
Rob DillardOncology | June 7, 2024
Scientists from Northwestern Medicine have made a huge step forward in the treatment glioblastoma.
Rob DillardAdvancements in Oncology | June 7, 2024
Dr. Margaret Gatti-Mays, who specializes in breast cancer, delivers key insights on many breast cancer-related topics.
Rob DillardAdvancements in Oncology | June 6, 2024
Dr. Margaret Gatti-Mays talks with The Oncology Brothers about the right treatments for endocrine-resistant breast cancer.
Rob DillardAdvancements in Oncology | June 6, 2024
Dr. Margaret Gatti-Mays details the treatment options for BC patients in the hormone receptor-positive metastatic setting.
Rob DillardASCO 2024 | June 6, 2024
Some patients are unaware that metastatic breast cancer is incurable and that their treatment has no established end date.
Rob DillardASCO 2024 | June 6, 2024
Edmonton Symptom Assessment System completion rates need to be improved in patients with HNC.
Gary Garcia-MolinaSLEEP 2024 | June 5, 2024
Gary Garcia-Molina details the connection between obstructive sleep apnea and CVD and explains how smart beds can help.
Rob DillardAdvancements in Oncology | June 6, 2024
The Oncology Brothers spoke with Dr. Margaret Gatti-Mays, who provided invaluable insights on hormone receptor-positive BC.
Rob DillardASCO 2024 | June 4, 2024
One year of immunotherapy is optimal for treating patients with advanced melanoma.
Rob DillardASCO 2024 | June 4, 2024
Pembrolizumab use is increasing among patients with recurrent cervical cancer.
Rob DillardSLEEP 2024 | June 4, 2024
Depression is common in individuals with obstructive sleep apnea, and this is especially true in women.
Dr. Brian MorrayInterventional Cardiology | June 3, 2024
Dr. Brian Morray discusses promising results from a study focused on the performance of the Harmony TPV system.
Rob DillardASCO 2024 | June 3, 2024
Eribulin is noninferior to trastuzumab and pertuzumab plus taxane in treating HER2-positive breast cancer.
Rob DillardASCO 2024 | June 3, 2024
Episodic future thinking may help breast cancer survivors lose weight.