Inpatient Hypertension

By Freely Filtered - Last Updated: April 22, 2024

We’ve all been guilted into ordering in patient blood pressure meds, maybe some clonidine or—god forbid—some IV hydralazine. Tim Anderson, MD, joins members of the filtrate to ask, “Why?”

As lead author of Clinical Outcomes of Intensive Inpatient Blood Pressure Management in Hospitalized Older Adults, Dr. Anderson examined the association of intensive treatment of elevated inpatient blood pressures with in-hospital clinical outcomes of older adults hospitalized for noncardiac conditions.

According to Dr. Anderson, the idea for the study started back in med school when he wondered why we give people IV blood pressure medicines. He and the filtrate discuss this and his accompanying research, looking to provide context to the common decisions made on inpatient side of treating blood pressure that are largely done with a lack of supporting data.

On this episode, the filtrate includes Joel Topf, MD, FACP; Swapnil Hiremath, MD, MPH; Jordy Cohen, MD, MSCE; and AC Gomez, MD.

This episode originally appeared on NephJC.

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