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Katy MarshallGastroesophageal Cancer | March 1, 2024
Patients received 2 cycles of sintilimab, paclitaxel, and carboplatin once every 21 days.
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Emily MenendezPancreatic Cancer | March 1, 2024
GEMPAX did not meet the primary end point of OS, but the combination was found to improve PFS and ORR rates.
Katy MarshallGIST | February 29, 2024
Patients with moderate- or high-risk GIST receive adjuvant imatinib therapy following surgical resection.
Emily MenendezGIST | March 1, 2024
While imatinib is considered standard-of-care, there is a lack of clinical data for the treatment among elderly patients.
Katy MarshallHepatocellular Carcinoma | February 26, 2024
Researchers found that patients with diabetes and higher alpha-fetoprotein had decreased OS rates.
Zachary BessetteColorectal Cancer | February 23, 2024
TNT with induction chemoimmunotherapy and long-course chemoradiation may lead to high CR in high-risk, pMMR rectal cancer.
Zachary BessetteGIST | February 22, 2024
Surgical treatment combined with targeted therapy may improve OS and CSS in patients with GIST-SLM.
Zachary BessetteGIST | February 22, 2024
A final overall survival and updated safety analysis from the phase 3 INTRIGUE study.
Katy MarshallGEP-NETs | February 22, 2024
For patients with NETs, somatostatin receptors are often targeted for nuclear theranostics applications.
Zachary BessetteGastroesophageal Cancer | February 21, 2024
Results of the PANDA study show that atezo has an additive effect with chemo in eliciting tumor response in early G/GEJ.
Katy MarshallUnresectable HCC | February 16, 2024
Patients randomly received either TACE plus durvalumab and bevacizumab, TACE plus durvalumab, or TACE alone.
Emily MenendezColorectal Cancer | February 14, 2024
Both CD8IE and FoxP3IS showed independent prognostic value as RFS markers in bivariable and multivariable analyses.
Zachary BessettePancreatic Cancer | February 14, 2024
The NAPOLI 3 study demonstrated improved OS and PFS in patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer and no prior chemotherapy.
Emily MenendezPancreatic Cancer | February 13, 2024
Future trials for resectable pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma should be driven by patient biomarkers.
Thierry André, MDColorectal Cancer | February 12, 2024
Nivolumab plus ipilimumab showed significant improvement in progression-free survival in patients in the first line setting.
Emily MenendezBile Duct Cancer | February 12, 2024
The developed nomogram was found to provide significant diagnostic accuracy with an area under the curve level of 0.882.
Katy MarshallGastroesophageal Cancer | February 9, 2024
The study investigated if avelumab and paclitaxel plus ramucirumab would constitute an effective second-line treatment.
Katy MarshallGEP-NETs | February 8, 2024
Investigators compared the benefits of a nomogram with the AJCC staging system in predicting overall survival.
Katy MarshallPancreatic Cancer | February 6, 2024
The ELI-002 vaccine uses T cells to identify and remove tumor cells containing KRAS G12D- or G12R-mutated cancer.
Emily MenendezASCO GI 2024 | February 7, 2024
In patients with HCC, a high CD8 and low TIM3 expression is linked to better OS than PD-1/PD-L1.
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