Gastroesophageal Cancer
Gastroesophageal Cancer
Zachary BessetteGastroesophageal Cancer | February 21, 2024
Results of the PANDA study show that atezo has an additive effect with chemo in eliciting tumor response in early G/GEJ.
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Katy MarshallGastroesophageal Cancer | February 9, 2024
The study investigated if avelumab and paclitaxel plus ramucirumab would constitute an effective second-line treatment.
Emily MenendezASCO GI 2024 | January 23, 2024
The ESCORT-NEO study explored the use of neoadjuvant camrelizumab with chemotherapy followed by adjuvant camrelizumab.
Katy MarshallASCO GI 2024 | January 23, 2024
Twice-weekly docetaxel plus 5-FU has previously exhibited encouraging antitumor activity.
Zachary BessetteASCO GI 2024 | January 23, 2024
Manish A. Shah, MD, and colleagues are reporting 5-year follow-up data from the randomized, phase 3 KEYNOTE-590 study.
Katy MarshallGastric Cancer | January 23, 2024
The benefits of combination neoadjuvant and adjuvant chemotherapy and immune checkpoint inhibition are currently unknown.
Emily MenendezGastroesophageal Cancer | December 19, 2023
Esophageal cancer is the sixth leading cause of cancer-related deaths and the eighth most common form of cancer worldwide.
Zachary BessetteGastroesophageal Cancer | December 5, 2023
Findings from the EDGE-Gastric trial suggest potential for 2 novel agents in patients with gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma.
Katy MarshallGastroesophageal Cancer | November 2, 2023
The anastomotic leakage rate in the SGC group appeared significantly lower than in the NGC cohort.
Cailin ConnerGastroesophageal Cancer | August 28, 2023
An analysis found that esophageal cancer rates have declined in the United States since 2004.
Rebecca AraujoGastroesophageal Cancer | August 22, 2023
Preoperative induction chemotherapy followed by chemoradiotherapy prior to esophagectomy does not improve survival.
Rob DillardGastroesophageal Cancer | August 22, 2023
Researchers assessed whether the aggressive warming of core body temperature reduces complications in esophageal cancer.
Oncology BrothersOncology Brothers | August 23, 2023
Rutika Mehta, MD, assistant professor of oncology at the Moffitt Cancer Center, discusses treatment options for upper ...
DocWire News EditorsGI Cancer | September 22, 2023
$4.7 Million NIH Grant Supports Stem Cell Cloning  ...
Patrick DalyGastroesophageal Cancer | August 22, 2023
In a randomized controlled trial, published in the Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics, researchers compared ...
Patrick DalyGastroesophageal Cancer | August 22, 2023
Researchers performed a randomized clinical trial to examine the efficacy of bevacizumab and gemcitabine plus cisplatin ...
Rebecca AraujoGastric Cancer | August 22, 2023
On April 16, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved nivolumab in combination with fluoropyrimidine- and ...
Rebecca AraujoGastroesophageal Cancer | August 22, 2023
Patients aged more than 70 years had comparable outcomes to younger patients following surgery for esophageal cancer, ...
Rob DillardGastroesophageal Cancer | August 22, 2023
Black patients were less likely to receive surgery for esophageal cancer and therefore have a higher risk of death, ...
Kaitlyn D’OnofrioGastric Cancer | August 22, 2023
A new study highlighted the outcomes of an artificial intelligence (AI) system in detecting upper gastrointestinal ...
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