Colorectal Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Rebecca AraujoColorectal Cancer | September 22, 2023
A study assessed whether the addition of anti-VEGF agent to first-line treatment impacted outcomes in metastatic CRC.
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Patrick DalyColorectal Cancer | September 20, 2023
Maintenance with cetuximab monotherapy appeared to improve PFS and OS in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.
Rebecca AraujoColorectal Cancer | September 18, 2023
A study assessed the efficacy of a treatment combination in the second-line treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer.
Rob DillardColorectal Cancer | September 15, 2023
The combination of pembrolizumab and lenvatinib did not improve survival in metastatic CRC.
Rebecca AraujoColorectal Cancer | September 14, 2023
A systematic review reported that immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy shows promising results in metastatic CRC.
Rob DillardColorectal Cancer | September 14, 2023
The FRESCO-2 study showed that fruquintinib resulted in an overall survival benefit in metastatic colorectal cancer.
Cathy Eng, MD, FACP, FASCOColorectal Cancer | September 13, 2023
Dr. Eng discusses the phase 3 FRESCO-2 study and how fruquintinib fits in with current treatments for advanced CRC.
Rob DillardColorectal Cancer | September 5, 2023
The rate of colorectal cancer (CRC) screenings decreased by more than 20% during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Oncology BrothersOncology Brothers | August 31, 2023
The Oncology Brothers speak with Cathy Eng, MD, about treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer with fruquintinib.
Rebecca AraujoColorectal Cancer | August 14, 2023
Treatment with avelumab improved progression-free survival in patients with mCRC.
Cailin ConnerColorectal Cancer | August 11, 2023
Patients diagnosed with colorectal liver metastases in expert hospitals receive better treatment.
Rebecca AraujoColorectal Cancer | July 21, 2023
A novel classification system for molecular subtypes of colorectal liver metastasis was found to be linked with prognosis.
Rob DillardColorectal Cancer | July 19, 2023
A new study has identified 7 risk factors for early onset of colorectal cancer in male patients.
Rob DillardColorectal Cancer | July 17, 2023
Fruquintinib combined with the anti-programmed death-1 antibody toripalimab is effective in treating advanced colon cancer.
Cailin ConnerColorectal Cancer | July 14, 2023
Racial disparities in mortality associated with CRC may be related to lower availability of primary care physicians.
Rob DillardColorectal Cancer | July 13, 2023
Systemic chemotherapy combined with radiofrequency ablation appears safe and effective in patients with colorectal cancer.
Patrick DalyColorectal Cancer | July 3, 2023
Fruquintinib meaningfully improved overall survival in patients with refractory metastatic colorectal cancer versus placebo.
Patrick DalyColorectal Cancer | June 27, 2023
Systemic chemotherapy did not show any benefit in patients with inoperable low-grade mucinous appendiceal adenocarcinoma.
Rob DillardColorectal Cancer | June 12, 2023
Researchers have identified how common genetic factors can be used to discern which individuals are at high risk for CRC.
Rob DillardASCO 2023 | May 26, 2023
Extending colorectal cancer screening to older populations using stool testing results in more life years gained.
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