GI Cancer
GI Cancer
Rebecca AraujoColorectal Cancer | September 22, 2023
A study assessed whether the addition of anti-VEGF agent to first-line treatment impacted outcomes in metastatic CRC.
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Patrick DalyColorectal Cancer | September 20, 2023
Maintenance with cetuximab monotherapy appeared to improve PFS and OS in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.
Rebecca AraujoColorectal Cancer | September 18, 2023
A study assessed the efficacy of a treatment combination in the second-line treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer.
Rob DillardColorectal Cancer | September 15, 2023
The combination of pembrolizumab and lenvatinib did not improve survival in metastatic CRC.
Rebecca AraujoColorectal Cancer | September 14, 2023
A systematic review reported that immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy shows promising results in metastatic CRC.
Rob DillardColorectal Cancer | September 14, 2023
The FRESCO-2 study showed that fruquintinib resulted in an overall survival benefit in metastatic colorectal cancer.
Cathy Eng, MD, FACP, FASCOColorectal Cancer | September 13, 2023
Dr. Eng discusses the phase 3 FRESCO-2 study and how fruquintinib fits in with current treatments for advanced CRC.
Rebecca AraujoPancreatic Cancer | September 8, 2023
Nimotuzumab plus gemcitabine demonstrated a favorable safety profile in patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer.
Rob DillardColorectal Cancer | September 5, 2023
The rate of colorectal cancer (CRC) screenings decreased by more than 20% during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Patrick DalyGEP-NETs | September 1, 2023
A study found key tumor heterogeneities, including Ki-67 indices, might contribute to disease progression in GEP-NETs.
Pranob BhattacharyaGastric Cancer | September 1, 2023
Pranob Bhattacharya discusses zolbetuximab, a first-in-class investigational therapy for the treatment of gastric cancer.
Oncology BrothersOncology Brothers | August 31, 2023
The Oncology Brothers speak with Cathy Eng, MD, about treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer with fruquintinib.
Rob DillardPancreatic Cancer | August 31, 2023
Results from a recent study suggest a novel therapy that may effectively treat pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
Rebecca AraujoGI Cancer | August 29, 2023
Daily vitamin D3 supplementation was associated with reduced risk of relapse or death in digestive tract cancer.
Cailin ConnerEsophageal Cancer | August 28, 2023
An analysis found that esophageal cancer rates have declined in the United States since 2004.
Patrick DalyGEP-NETs | August 25, 2023
Lu-177-dotatate in PRRT appeared to treat GEP-NETs, though prior internal radiation may impede responses or worsen survival.
Rob DillardGI Cancer | August 23, 2023
Researchers identified a circRNA signature as a potential biomarker for GEP-NETs.
Rebecca AraujoGastric Cancer | August 17, 2023
A study evaluated the predictive ability of the combined SMI and PNI to assess survival in advanced gastric cancer patients.
Rebecca AraujoColorectal Cancer | August 14, 2023
Treatment with avelumab improved progression-free survival in patients with mCRC.
Cailin ConnerColorectal Cancer | August 11, 2023
Patients diagnosed with colorectal liver metastases in expert hospitals receive better treatment.
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