GI Cancer
GI Cancer
Emily MenendezGIST | April 19, 2024
A study compared the long-term survival outcomes of endoscopic and surgical treatment for GISTs ranging from 5 to 10 cm.
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Katy MarshallGEP-NETs | April 18, 2024
Researchers also found statistical significance for the TBR SULpeak of the primary and liver lesions.
Emily MenendezHepatocellular Carcinoma | April 18, 2024
Atezolizumab/bevacizumab and lenvatinib have both shown efficacy as first-line treatments for hepatocellular carcinoma.
Katy MarshallUnresectable HCC | April 18, 2024
A personalized therapeutic cancer vaccine may increase patient response to PD-1 inhibitors.
Rebekah R. White, MD, FACSPancreatic Cancer | April 16, 2024
Drs. White and Berman consider how the post hoc analysis of CROSSFIRE elucidates the benefit of ablative therapy with IO.
Rebekah R. White, MD, FACSPancreatic Cancer | April 16, 2024
Drs. White and Berman share insights gained from the CROSSFIRE trial comparing IRE with SBRT in advanced pancreatic cancer.
Katy MarshallColorectal Cancer | April 12, 2024
Immunoscore also showed prognostic benefit in DNA mismatch repair proficient disease.
Katy MarshallUnresectable HCC | April 12, 2024
The study’s primary end points were objective response rate, overall survival, and safety.
Emily MenendezGastric Cancer | April 19, 2024
Patients with a DpR of ≥30% had a favorable survival time with nivolumab monotherapy as a later-line treatment.
William Jarnagin, MD, FACSBile Duct Cancer | April 16, 2024
Dr. William Jarnagin discusses his recent study on characterizing the heterogeneity of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.
Katy MarshallGastric Cancer | April 19, 2024
For those with a PD-L1 CPS of 5 or higher who received the combination therapy, the median OS was not achieved.
Emily MenendezBile Duct Cancer | April 16, 2024
This approval marks the first tumor-agnostic approval of a HER2-directed therapy.
Katy MarshallGastric Cancer | April 19, 2024
Researchers investigated the potential of an anti-H Pylori treatment after radical gastrectomy to improve survival.
Emily MenendezPancreatic Cancer | April 4, 2024
Chemoradiation, SABR, and irreversible electroporation can enhance outcomes and may be beneficial in certain circumstances.
Emily MenendezGastroesophageal Cancer | April 2, 2024
Chromoendoscopic screening can help reduce esophageal cancer incidence and mortality rates.
Katy MarshallColorectal Cancer | March 28, 2024
In patients with stage 4 colon cancer and unresectable metastases, PTR before chemotherapy was not related to increased OS.
Emily MenendezHepatocellular Carcinoma | March 27, 2024
The latest guideline update includes recommendations for first-, second-, and third-line therapy options.
Katy MarshallGastroesophageal Cancer | March 27, 2024
The trial’s primary endpoint was safety and the secondary endpoint was feasibility.
Pashtoon Kasi, MD, MSColorectal Cancer | March 25, 2024
Dr. Kasi showcases NEST-1, a look at adverse events and downstaging effects from neoadjuvant bot/bal in pMMR/MSS CRC.
Pashtoon Kasi, MD, MSColorectal Cancer | March 25, 2024
Dr. Kasi breaks down BESPOKE CRC, a tumor-informed ctDNA assay to inform adjuvant chemo treatment decisions in stage 2/3 CRC.
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