Katy MarshallGEP-NETs | July 4, 2024
While GEP-NETs are often torpid, the incidence of patients with GEP-NETs has increased over the last few years.
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Emily MenendezGEP-NETs | June 20, 2024
First-line 177Lu-Dotatate with octreotide LAR can extend median PFS by 14 months in patients with advanced GEP-NETs.
Zachary BessetteGEP-NETs | May 30, 2024
A phase 1/2 study highlights the “extremely robust efficacy and good safety profile” of an anti–PD-L1 for EP-NEC.
Katy MarshallGEP-NETs | May 15, 2024
Researchers can quantify absorbed doses through serial postinfusion scintigraphy measurements of the γ-emissions.
Emily MenendezGEP-NETs | April 23, 2024
This marks the first FDA approval of a radioactive drug for patients 12 years or older with SSTER-positive GEP-NETs.
Katy MarshallGEP-NETs | April 18, 2024
Researchers also found statistical significance for the TBR SULpeak of the primary and liver lesions.
Christopher Lieu, MDColorectal Cancer | March 19, 2024
Dr. Christopher Lieu gives an overview of the BESPOKE trial and the GALAXY arm of CIRCULATE-Japan, as well as NETTER-2.
Katy MarshallGEP-NETs | March 12, 2024
PREF-NET was the first study to investigate patients’ preference of LAN administration setting in England and Wales.
Katy MarshallGEP-NETs | February 22, 2024
For patients with NETs, somatostatin receptors are often targeted for nuclear theranostics applications.
Katy MarshallGEP-NETs | February 8, 2024
Investigators compared the benefits of a nomogram with the AJCC staging system in predicting overall survival.
Emily MenendezASCO GI 2024 | January 23, 2024
NETTER-2 is the first randomized study to demonstrate the efficacy of RLT as a 1L treatment for any form of cancer.
Katy MarshallGEP-NETs | December 19, 2023
Physicians currently have a limited understanding of how to properly diagnose and treat type 1 gastric NETs.
Katy MarshallGEP-NETs | November 3, 2023
Researchers analyzed cabozantinib's ability to improve the progression-free survival rate for patients.
Patrick DalyGEP-NETs | September 11, 2023
A study found key tumor heterogeneities, including Ki-67 indices, might contribute to disease progression in GEP-NETs.
Patrick DalyGEP-NETs | September 11, 2023
Lu-177-dotatate in PRRT appeared to treat GEP-NETs, though prior internal radiation may impede responses or worsen survival.
Rob DillardGI Cancer | August 24, 2023
Researchers identified a circRNA signature as a potential biomarker for GEP-NETs.
Rob DillardGI Cancer | August 24, 2023
Patients with advanced stage gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors appear to benefit from PRRT.
Kerri FitzgeraldSNMMI | August 24, 2023
The authors of the study won the 2022 SNMMI Abstract of the Year Award.
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